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New System Quadruples Water Bomber Refill Rate

100% Community Funded and Supported

Phase 1 completed December 2015 in preparation for high risk bush fire season



·         Water Bombers operating out of Denmark Airport are the primary protection for Bush Fire Brigade personnel on the ground as well as saving homes and structures with precision water drops.

·         For fires within 10 km of Denmark flights are so short that airport refill facilities clogged with aircraft waiting in the refill area.  The airport “saturated” with just two fire bombers.


Project Benefits

·         Cut single aircraft refill time in half

·         Refill two aircraft at once with two high-flow hydrants

·         Redundant pumping capability    Large electric pump plus dual petrol back-up pumps

·         Improve operations for ground crews 


How did we get it started?

·         Project launch followed by work contributions from Denmark Airport Association and Denmark East Bush Fire Brigade to design system and install shed, pump, foundation, piping, and complete system testing totalling in excess of 500 work hours.

·         Financial and non-cash contributions totalling about $12,000 to cover equipment, parts, services and materials.  Many thanks to our community contributors!

 Cash Contributions

Members   Denmark Airport Association   

Members   Denmark East Fire Brigade

Denmark IGA Supa                                       

Thornton’s Hardware

Denmark Pump Service                                             

Dept. of Parks and Wildlife (Walpole)

Denmark Pharmacy                                      

Ocean Beach Fire Brigade    

The SES                                                     

Somerset Hill Bush Fire Brigade                                    

Denmark CO-OP                                           

And a few thoughtful local residents


Contributions of Parts, Materials, and Supporting Services

Thornton’s Hardware                                               

Denmark Earthmoving     

Shire of Denmark     

Palmer Earthmoving     

Bouwman Contracting


Next step - Continue working with Shire to finish the job in 2016

·         Pave gravel area around hydrant no. 2.  Stop blowing dust, sand and gravel at ground crews and eliminate muddy refill area.

·         Erect barriers to protect ground refill crew from 200 km/hr prop blast created when 7.3 ton 1200 horsepower water bombers start to taxi away from refill area.

trench  Bob cat



Shed Pump



first try

It Worked