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Allow us to introduce Gravox, a lamb rescued by fellow aviator, RV builder and owner Colin Coxall and his wife, Beate.   

They have a beautiful 800 meter grass airstrip on his "farm" about 10 NM northwest of Albany Airport. 
Gravox (named after a popular brand of gravy used on lamb roast) came to Fred Moreno’s birthday gathering in the famous Auger Inn.
 “coffee shop”  in his hangar at Denmark Airport. At that point he was lap size and charmed all the aviators. 
(Not Fred but Gravox) 

imageThis is Fred at his party, a strange fellow.

Noel With Gravox

Noel Stoney With Gravox

  Gravox on motorcycle

Motorcycle Training


Chris checks out lunch

Colin-and-friend sheep_2

Colin and his friend


In the subsequent year Gravox became quite accomplished first riding a motorcycle with Colin.
Running a tractor doing odd jobs around the farm, and finally learning to fly Colin's RV-6

Gravox on tractor

Gravox Tractor driving

  Gravox-birthday-card.3  PPL training in the RV 6


Unable to qualify for a PPL medical certificate (blood pressure and pulse rate were amazingly low)
Gravox instead learned how to fly Colin's new paraglider as illustrated in a photo taken while preparing for one of his early flying lessons. 
Paraglider pilots only need a driver's license as proof for fitness to fly, so he qualified easily having earned an unlimited truck driver license as part of 
Colin's grain hauling operation.


Gravox loves his Paraglider


Blow walking to the strip

During calm weather Gravox could be seen cruising over the local area in Colin’s paraglider enjoying the view while waving to his woolly fans in the paddocks below. 
Occasionally he would come by Denmark Airport and make a high speed pass while waving to the locals.  

Unfortunately Chris sent out a recipe for lamb roast to our local aviation group and inadvertently included Gravox on the email list.  SMACKB~1


Chris and the Lamb roast



Gravox panicked, stole Colin's aviation BP card, and was last seen headed east in the paraglider.

Search Party

Fred’s wife Tunie in the search party.

Colin's wife Beate immediately put out an email:   lamb


Hi Fred, 

Gravox has been picked up and charged $10,000 at an airport in NSW for not displaying a current ASIC card. 
He's remaining tight-lipped while seeking legal representation and is calling on his buddies in Denmark (OTHER than Chris) for advice...


Evidently Gravox, crafty fellow that he is, sneaked out while the CASA guys were taking a mandatory smoko, refuelled the paraglider, and escaped. 

Then we got a news report from New South Wales.    

UFO spotted over Batemans Bay sparks alien theories.  Hello

Man films bright light flashing on horizon
UFO investigator says it's a genuine sighting
By: Neil Keene of The Daily Telegraph.   

IT'S not a bird, it's not a plane, and it's certainly not one of those errant weather balloons so often blamed for UFO sightings.

According to Sydney UFO investigator Doug Moffett, a bizarre shining orb filmed hovering near Batemans Bay on the
New South Wales south coast late last month is a genuine unidentified flying object.

Eurobodalla resident Ben Roberts filmed more than eight minutes of footage early on June 21 tracking the bright sphere
of light flashing and moving above the horizon. He said he was "amazed" by how bright the UFO appeared.

"It was not a plane," he said.
"There were no flashes and it was way too slow. Same for a helicopter - no flashes and too slow."

 Those of us that have seen Gravox flying in the paraglider just after dark immediately recognized him in the photo. 
That thick white coat of wool gleams orange red at sunset when the earth is in shadow but he is flying high in the fading sunlight.    

We hope he gets lonely and comes back home soon.

UPDATE!   Put off by the characteristically lousy weather of NSW and missing the famous 100 octane coffee available only at the Denmark  
Auger Inn, 
most Tuesdays from 10.00 am, Gravox has finally returned to the more favorable clime of southwest WA after
Chris sent out an apology letter to Gravox’s Twitter account.   

Upon returning, Chris offered Gravox a large bowl of sweet lettuce during one of the Auger Inn Monday morning coffee meetings at the airport.
Gravox filled us in on his adventures.   Sheep  (Not that story Gravox !! Bad sheep)

While still enthusiastic about the paraglider, he has found it to be much too slow for those long cross country legs.  
Now that CASA has yielded to ten years of SAAA prodding and introduced the “Recreational Pilot License” (RPL),
Gravox is looking forward to getting his RPL since no CASA medical is required. 

Since Colin has nearly completed new RV-7, Gravox figures that he will be able to use Colin’s RV-6 and do some formation
training so he can join the Albany Formation Flying club.  
With a bit of luck and training, Gravox should qualify to lead the local formation flight at the next Anzac Day flyover.  Don’t miss it!