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Denmark Information: Where the ocean meets the sea.

Willian Bay

What do a historical timber town, one of Australia's most beautiful beaches and WA's best bakery have in common?  They are all located in the beautiful south coast town of Denmark.  With so many natural wonders already on its doorstep, Denmark is rapidly adding to its long list of things to do, drink, eat and see.  If you haven't been back in the past few years, it's time to fill up the car or refuel the plane, pack your bathers and walking boots and head down south.

The Denmark Visitor Centre has marvellous resources for travellers to the area and it should be your first stop.  A suggested self-guided walk around Denmark is available, as well as guide maps for walks along some of the most spectacular coastal sections of the Bibbulmun Track.

As well as the new Visitor Centre, Denmark prides itself on the number of business and services available to the traveling public including a half dozen coffee shops, two bakeries, two/three super markets, two hotels/taverns, two news agents, a number of restaurants plus heaps of wineries within short driving distance of town.

Forrest Hills Vineyard offers quality meals in a stunning setting.  Then there is Howard Park and Madfish Wines (recently the venue for the John Butler concert with 3000 people attending), West Cape Howe, The Lake House, Rickety Gate, Harewood Estate, and more.  Harewood Estate and Forrest Hills were recently named in the top 10 national "Dark Horses" wineries in James Halliday's Australian Wine Companion 2007, and The Lake House was described by wine critic Ray Jordan as "one of the prettiest cellar doors anywhere in the world".

The Denmark Bakery entered the Perth Royal Show for the first time in 2007 and  won first prize for its vanilla slice, and a total of 22 ribbons saw it lay claim to being the best bakery in WA.  

While cafes, restaurants, fine wines and a plethora of charming luxury accommodation provide good reasons to visit the area, there is no more beautiful place to visit on a warm summer afternoon than Green's Pool.  Whether you choose to walk along the beach, take  a swim in the sheltered bay, scramble over the nearby Elephant Rocks or just sit and watch the waves crashing along the magnificent coastline, Green's Pool is a must-see.

Denmark has long been recognized for its natural beauty.  These days there is a lot more on offer to the traveller.  But don't tell too many people, the locals enjoy the quite tranquillity of the area!


Taxi: 08 9848 2295  2295 
Car Rental: 08 9848 2146 
Tourist Office: 08 9848 2055  

Denmark Information for Pilots

Brief History of Denmark Airstrip

Rev. 2 24 Sept. 2010 


In the early 1990’s, Les Brenton, Denmark Shire President asked Graeme Robertson if a group could be organized to build an airstrip at Denmark at the current location. Graeme Robertson owned 400 acres north of proposed site.  The agreement was that if the Graeme Robertson land could be rezoned “special rural” and the Shire could get DOLA approval to build an air strip, then an airstrip could be constructed using private funding with ownership vested in the Shire.

Graeme's concept for the new special rural development (named “East River Rise” but known as “Denmark Airport Estate” on the planning documents) was that residential block buyers would also be offered a hangar block at the airstrip so that the East River Rise development could become a “fly-in, fly-out” estate.  This gave rise to the alternate name “Denmark Airport Estate” which was frequently used.  The airport and development plans were approved circa 1994.  Sales at East River Rise began in 1995.

The Shire required that signs be posted at the airport site and at the entrance to East River Rise notifying locals that an airport was to be constructed and the area would be subject to low flying aircraft.  John Ricketts erected the signs before the first land sales were made and they remained for many years until mysteriously disappearing recently.

There was a delay in getting DOLA approval for the airstrip so that it was not constructed until 1996 by which time about half the properties of East River Rise were sold.  All were sold at a reduced price with buyers’ knowledge that there would be an airstrip constructed nearby. The buyers signed documents to the effect that they understood that there could be aircraft noise from time to time.  The rest of the blocks were sold after the airstrip was constructed.

A year after the airstrip was completed various Denmark businesses led by Thornton Building Company cooperated to construct the terminal building now at the airstrip.  The terminal building and airstrip were formally inaugurated by Denmark Shire President J. K. Nekel March 1997.  The contributors and date are listed on plaques at the terminal building. 

Hangar blocks were offered for sale on freehold land immediately north of the airstrip starting 1996.  The first hangar was erected summer of 2001. Subsequently all the freehold hangar blocks were sold, and three more hangars erected by 2009.  The Shire developed nine leasehold hangar blocks with associated new taxiway, and all leases were taken up in early 2010.  Plans are underway for several hangars at the leasehold blocks rented by the Shire.

The Denmark Airport Association was informally formed in 2003 and prepared plans and worked with the Shire to obtain Regional Airport Development Scheme (RADS) for a runway extension and night lighting.  The association has subsequently taken responsibility for airport maintenance including lights, weed control, construction of new fencing and other projects thereby relieving the Shire of these costs.  RADS funding was subsequently obtained to pave the runway and construct a new taxiway and new hangar sites in 2009-10.  Reduction of costs and increased revenue will make the airport cash-flow-positive (a revenue source) for the Shire once the new hangar leases are taken up.

The Denmark/Albany Chapter of the Sport Aviation Association of Australia hosts the Southwest Regional Fly In for sport aircraft every four years.  This has occurred twice at Denmark Airport, in 2006 and 2010.  The event brought in about 50 aircraft, hosted 200 visitors for dinner in one of the hangars, and attracted over a thousand visitors from Denmark who came to see the wide variety of sport aircraft on display.  The next event is expected to occur in 2014.

Location:  3 nm NE of Denmark town
Facilities:  Bitumen parking area, terminal building with toilets, drinking water.
Surface: Bitumen
Dimensions:  09/27, 1204 meters length, slight slope up to the east
Lighting:  PAL airfield lighting 120.6, PAPI on both ends
Owner:  Owned and maintained by the Denmark Shire Council, 08 9848 0300